As a professional photographer and graphic artist, I have owned a portrait and design studio in Virginia for over 25 years. Several years ago I began creating custom designed “one of a kind” photo greeting cards for my portrait clients. As they became more and more popular I was inspired to create a line of fine art called Masterpiece Designs, beautiful art made from photography and my extensive collection of ephemera.

I’m an artist, who is also a Christian, and I wanted to use my gift of art to reach others for Christ. The idea for the name “Postcards From God” came many years ago, as a simple image, that had great impact on me. I was traveling back roads to a client’s house one late afternoon for a portrait session and the sun was setting. I came around a curve in the road and just ahead of me was an old, large, bare oak tree, with the brilliant sun on the horizon shining through the tree and creating a silhouette. It was breathtaking and I exclaimed to my assistant, “Wow, that’s a postcard from God!”. This scene stayed in my mind and my heart as I thought of the many ways God daily reminds us of who He is and how much He loves us. The concept “Postcards From God” was born.

I invite you to enjoy the art which is Postcards From God and share it with others. May it provide inspiration and encouragement and be a reminder of how much God loves you.

God’s blessings to all,

Jamie Moore